scientists’ greatest discoveries become superpowers in these 8-bit animated gifs
all images courtesy of diego sanches

seven famous scientists whose significant discoveries and inventions changed the world have been given superpowers based on their contributions to the field. sao paulo-based illustrator diego sanches has created 8-bit pixel caricatures of stephen hawking, charles darwin, albert einstein, isaac newton, nikola tesla, marie curie and pythagoras as part of the ‘science combat’ series for brazilian publication superinteressante magazine. the playable figures each have ‘basic’ and ‘special’ attacks, with the latter linking to his or her discovery in the field of chemistry, medicine, mathematics or physics. for example, hawking’s wormhole theory becomes a superpower that allows him to swiftly surprise an opponent by funneling through a space-time shortcut; newton’s discovery of gravity helps him by dropping an apple onto an enemy’s head; and tesla’s coil attack sends an electrifying high-frequency current in his aggressor’s direction.

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsstephen hawking: special move — wormhole

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsstephen hawking: basic move

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationscharles darwin: special move — evolution

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationscharles darwin: special move — natural selection

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsalbert einstein: special move — relativity

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsalbert einstein: special move — E=mc2

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsisaac newton: special move — opticks

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsisaac newton: special move — gravity

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsnikola tesla: special move — teleforce ‘death ray’

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsnikola tesla: special move — tesla coil

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsmarie curie: special move — radium

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationsmarie curie: special move — marie curie polonium

8-bit-scientists-gifs-diego-sanches-animationspythagoras: special move — tetractys

55885334335649.56cdf19d53b45pythagoras: special move — pythagorean theorem


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