House Democrats Approve New Ethics Rules, Form Climate Committee

The House also voted to create a new select committee on climate change, to ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, and to allow lawmakers to wear religious headwear on the House floor. That change will impact Ilhan Omar, a Somali-American Democrat from Minnesota who wears a hijab. Meanwhile, Washington state Democratic Congressmember Pramila Jayapal said Thursday she’s been given the green light by Democratic leaders to hold hearings on whether to create a federal “Medicare for All” single-payer healthcare system by lowering the age of Medicare eligibility to zero. Both the House Rules and Budget committees are expected to take up the issue. And Democrats are pledging to use the power of subpoena to investigate President Trump, the Trump Organization and his Cabinet. New York Congressmember Jerrold Nadler, who chairs the House Judiciary Committee, said this week he may subpoena acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker over his role in seeking to derail special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation. [Democracynow]

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